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Break Time

Hello everyone, I'd like to start out by saying that I'm so incredibly grateful for each one of you, for supporting, sharing and enjoying my art as well as other amazing fellow artists.

I'm making big moves (literally) right now in my life and cannot give me 100% right now in my art. Moving out of my home into a smaller, and also much further place means that I have to decide on what can take up space and what I have to leave behind. I wish I could take every little thing, down to the last button and scrap cloth but it's just not possible at this point. So I'm taking this time to organize, pack up, and re-orient myself to this new and amazing point in my life. This isn't goodbye, it's a see you soon :) and soon enough I'll be sharing my experiences for you all the enjoy with me.

Happy Thanksgiving,

stay happy and healthy :D


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