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Hello from Calgary :)

Break time is officially over this coming Monday! I start my new job at a new Dental office, working in Calgary :). So much has changed in the last few months: moving out of my parent's house, living in a new province, changing my job after 7 years at the same place, having no income for almost 4 months (& not getting EI :'( ) & living with a boy :O. The struggles are real, but necessary for growth.

I'm glad to have broadened my world for a lot more change to happen. As for my art, 100% I want to do so much more while I'm here! Seems like Calgary is very small-business friendly and full of opportunities - Hopefully in the future I'll be taking up some pottery classes and look into creating more greeting cards :). #Dothethingsyoulove

I'm happy that you're on this journey with me & you'll continue supporting myself and others do what they love!

- Meg

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