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Living & loving life

Hello beautiful people! An update on my life: I'm engaged to my wonderful person :), going to muay thai and the gym regularly, trying my best to fuel my body wisely. and trying to give more love to crafting again. Life is so busy but we need to make room & time for things we love to be the best versions of ourselves, don't we? Give yourself grace & try your best because that's all we can do.

I want to share a quote that has really changed my perspective on life,

'I will not let anyone walk through my mind with their dirty feet.'

-Mahatma Gandhi

I definitely went through a time where I let people's opinions really affect me & I started to spiral for a while. I heard this quote on one of Jay Shetty's podcasts (highly recommended!) & everything changed. People's opinions only affect you if you let it in. Reframing your mindset is a wonderful thing to get you out of your own head & bring you back into a mind space to appreciate the beauty in life again. It's true what they say, life is too short to care what other people think - make the most of it & live out your dreams, whatever that may look like :).

Wishing everyone peace of mind, body & a happy future ahead,

- Meg

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